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Let your New Year begin with The Cuyahoga Group!

Reflecting on some of my best posts from 2018. Thanks to everyone for following along!

The New Year means a new beginning, and this is the perfect time to reevaluate the snack, sandwich, mealcoffee, and beverage options in your workplace! Happy, energized employees means stronger production, sparks creativity and helps to support a happy work environment!  


From sweet or salty crunchy snacks and reenergizing power drinks, to healthier selections, premier coffee options and homemade soups, salads and meals, The Cuyahoga Group has all the workplace food and beverage choices that your employees need and want—just steps away from their work station!


The Cuyahoga Group provides the very best in VendingMicro-MarketsMobile Dining, Office Coffee and Catering Services—we deliver the homemade meal, snack and beverage choices that your employees need to refuel and recharge through the workday, without the expense or hassle of leaving the premises.


To contact us, click here or call us at 800-901-8363. 

Happy New Year! 


On October 5th and every day, Do Something Nice!

At The Cuyahoga Group, we think National Do Something Nice Day, designated on October 5th should be practiced every day!   


Although it’s an overused expression, ‘practicing kindness’ is a powerful concept.  To use another expression, you get what you give. With minimal effort, a kind word or thoughtful gesture can go a long way and may even be transformative.  In today’s world of seemingly endless strife and conflict, we believe that simple acts of kindness practiced in our small corner of the world—in our homes and in our workplaces, make a positive difference.  


The Cuyahoga Group values and encourages ideals of respect, integrity and gratitude, and these are the building blocks upon which our company was founded. Our handshake was, and still is, our word—and we strive to always go the extra mile to ensure the happiness of our customers and our team members. 


Aside from our commitment to delivering the best in workplace food and beverage options, we offer our customers Vend Coupons, Promotions and Give-A-Ways, and we’re always seeking new ways, big and small, to show our appreciation to our customers, and to our team members. 


Whether we’re developing new programs to encourage employment of U.S. Veterans, providing incentives and advancement opportunities for our team, or holding our Annual Supplier Appreciation Day, Annual Managers Meeting, or our internal Quarterly Team Meetings—we try to practice kindness and encourage our team, customers and partners to do the same. 



So, on October 5, and every day, do something nice and pay it forward. At The Cuyahoga Group, we know that whether at home or at work, there is strength in kindness. 

Do Something Nice for Your EmployeesContact Us! 


The Cuyahoga Group provides the very best in VendingMicro-MarketsMobile Dining, Office Coffee and Catering Services. We deliver quality snack, meal, beverage and coffee options that your employees need to keep them energized and happy throughout their workday—without the cost or hassle of leaving the building.


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Celebrate National Coffee Day… with the best in workplace coffee!

A hot, fresh cup of coffee—it’s not just for breakfast anymore. We are passionate about coffee—and we expect the best in freshly brewed, quality coffee everywhere we go—and that includes while we’re at work!   The Cuyahoga Group celebrates National Coffee Day, because we know that quick, convenient access to a great cup of coffee is what your employees need to bring a spark of taste, energy and swing into their workday. 


Who isn’t happier, more alert and more productive with great coffee? No one! That’s why more of us than ever are seeking great coffee at work.  

We bring many coffee options right to your break room!  

The Cuyahoga Group’s Office Coffee Service brings supreme coffee products, services and supplies into your workplace, without the hassle of leaving work—or the cost.   


So, when you’re at work and it’s time for a quick lift in spirit and energy, there’s nothing like coffee to rejuvenate the day—and it all it takes is a walk to the breakroom! We make getting that perfect cup of coffee so easy, affordable and delicious! 


We Customize Coffee Options to suit your Employees! 

Ask ten people how they like their coffee, and you’ll probably get ten different answers. We know precisely how we like our coffee—and that’s exactly why The Cuyahoga Group provides  a wide array of coffee options guaranteed to suit the palate of even your pickiest employee! 


From fresh-roasted Bean-to-Cup, to old-fashioned Slow-Drip, to Fair-Trade, Sustainable Certified and Certified Organic brands and options—to our own signature brand, Frisco Bay® – we have the coffee choices that your associates need to get them successfully the through the workday.


Our exclusive coffee roaster, Mother Parker, has 100 years of experience in perfecting the coffee roasting experience by investing in premier technology, methods and practices, to consistently bring fresh, rich flavor of coffee beans to every cup.    


We also offer Pantry Services that include cups, lids, stirrers, and cream or sugar—and we’ll soon be rolling out our new Cold Brew line.   


Enjoy fall flavors with our Pumpkin Spice Coffee! 


Nothing tastes better on a crisp, cool day then a hot cup of fresh coffee infused with the fall flavor of Pumpkin Spice. Look for an array of Pumpkin Spice coffee options at our Office Coffee stations in your break room!  

To bring the beauty of coffee to your workplace—contact us! 

Help keep your employees happy and bright throughout their workday with the freshness, quality, great taste and convenience of our Office Coffee options and services. For more information, click here. 

To contact our Office Coffee Service Manager, Denise Ebenhoh, click here.


The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Denise Ebenhoh

Denise Ebenhoh has been with The Cuyahoga Group since 2012. Throughout her tenure, Denise has learned many aspects of our company, and continues to be one of our most enthusiastic and dedicated employees. Her recent promotion to the role of Office Coffee Division Manager perfectly complements her effective interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, attention to detail, and her willingness to go the extra mile for our customers. In a short time, Denise has made strides in growing our Office Coffee Division by revitalizing customer partnerships and utilizing her creativity to help upgrade our coffee product lines, displays and branding. 


The Cuyahoga Group provides customized Vending, Micro-Market and Office Coffee Service options for our customers, and that includes supporting healthy initiatives in the workplace.  We’ve added Healthier Lines that include healthy food and beverage options that are convenient, high quality, and pack a healthy and nutritious punch to keep your customers energized throughout the day. We also encourage and support healthy programs within our company, and Denise was gracious enough to share her inspiring personal story of transformation with all of us.   


Let’s get to know Denise Ebenhoh a little better: 


What is your role with The Cuyahoga Group?
Denise: Office Coffee Division Manager. 


How long have you worked for The Cuyahoga Group?
DeniseNearly seven years—I started in January of 2012. 


What do you like most about your job, and why?
DeniseThe best part of my job is the people—the people I work with, and the customers I work for. Even though everyone has their own personality, we are all trying to achieve the same thing, which is to ensure that our customers are happy, and to provide service that goes beyond their expectations. I think that the creative ideas and self-drive that everyone has goes a long way in reaching that goal. I like being able to use both my creative side and my love for numbers and facts to oversee a profitable and growing division. Even some of the best ideas come from our customers—the way employers are looking to offer benefits and incentives to their employees is changing, and it’s exciting for us to be part of that. I also love caffeine 


Tell us a fun fact (or facts) about yourself:
DeniseI love themes. Themed anything. I like to create décor and gifts that are out of the ordinary and customized. I refuse to get rid of my crafting supplies from years ago, because one day I’ll have time again, and I’m sure that my son, Brandon, will love creating with me! He and I are currently working on painting rocks with inspirational quotes to leave around town. We’ve found some in the past couple of years and we love passing them on! 

My other favorite hobby is volleyball. Before I had my son, I played five days a week, and was the ref for the other two days. I never actually played in school. I can’t wait to play more than one day a week again, and have my son cheer me on! 



What is your favorite food/favorite meal? 

DeniseChipotle. Then scallops. 


What is your favorite type of music? 
DeniseI listen to everything—from Johnny Cash and pop, to my 2002 high school throwback burned CDs. If we are talking my favorite dance to do with Brandon, it would be the Gummy Bear Song or the Crazy Frog Dance. We find starting the day with a dance is the best way to wake up. My favorite artist currently is Avicii (of whom I am sad I will never see live in concert), but his mixes are motivating to me.  


Please tell us about a goal you’d like to accomplish someday:
Denise: There is a lot I want to do still in my life, and eventually, I know I will accomplish them! I want to go on a cruise or an all-inclusive vacation, either by myself or with friends. I will figure out my sewing machine bobbin one day and own the necessary hardware to make my own t-shirt designs.


I would also like to be able to watch a scary movie without covering my eyes. I’d like to finish a season of any TV show and learn to ski. I’d also like to be able to wrap presents that look like someone older than a ten-year old did it.


Most important of all, I want to raise my son to be a kind person who is never afraid to use his voice—and who is proud of who he is, now and forever.  


Please share a little bit about your journey in adopting a healthier lifestyle. How have these changes have impacted your life?  And, do you have any advice for others trying to adopt healthier life habits? 


Denise: First, I have to say – I can’t believe where I am, how far I have come, and how much further I still have!

It started with water. I drank mostly diet pop and no water, day after day. Jill (Jill van Horne, Accountant for The Cuyahoga Group) helped me quit the diet pop and got the transition going toward water with Crystal Light. From there, I eventually kicked the Crystal Light habit and was drinking only straight water. I still barley drink pop (maybe sugar-free Red Bull on a rare occasion) but have kept water an important part of my daily life.  


Then, I interviewed Matt Ruth (Machine Shop Mechanic at The Cuyahoga Group) and his story of healthy transformation helped me go further. I started like he did, with a walk around the block and it turned into miles. And eventually, I was running (kid in stroller!) those same blocks and miles. On the days that I did want to go out for out a run, I remembered what Matt told himself—just go do it. And I never turned back. I mostly walk now instead of running, as I had a foot injury, but it’s all about baby steps.


One small positive change turns into another, then another, and before you know it, you have created healthy lifestyle habits. It impacted my life in every way possible. I felt better and healthier. Which in turn, I was able to be a better mom, friend, employee, and best of all happy with myself. Some days are harder than others, but overall the most rewarding part of the entire journey is having the energy and the happiness I deserve to have in my life!


My advice to anyone would be the same advice that was given to me. Just start. Just do it. And keep moving forward no matter how many times you find yourself with a couple steps back—setbacks happen. Keep going forward again and you will get there!! 


Denise, thank you for sharing your inspirational journey with all of us—and congratulations on your personal and professional achievements!  


Contact us today to bring Quality Coffee Service to your Workplace! 


To brighten and fuel the workday of your employees with the very best in coffee services and quality coffee products, Email Denise Ebenhohor call Denise at (216) 663-1457 x109.


The Cuyahoga Group: we empower our customers, and our team

Refresh. Reset. Renew. However you describe it, changing things up brings a spark of energy, uplifts our spirits, and brings purpose, improvement and inspiration to our surroundings, at home or at work.


At The Cuyahoga Group, we empower our customers by bringing quality food and beverage options to the workplace. We also strive to empower our team members to bring innovative ideas that spark positive changes in our workplace. 


From improvements in customer service, to new methods that support environmental sustainability, to internal design changes, having faith in the ideas and creativity of our team brings strength to our entire company. 


The innovative ideas and team effort at our Erie, PA branch, led by Branch Manager, Lorre White, brought design and functionality upgrades to the interior and exterior of our offices there, and is a great example of how the ideas and dedication of our team members can uplift an entire office location. The Cuyahoga Group’s Erie Branch includes eastern OH, PA and western NY regions.   


The upgrades have been so well received that The Cuyahoga Group is expanding the new color schemes, flooring and office layout changes to our Maple Heights, North Ridgeville and Columbus locations.


To get a glimpse of our new look in Erie and the inspiration behind it, read the following interview with Lorre White, and don’t forget to check out the photos!  



Which building areas were upgraded, and what type of work was done?   

Lorre: We completed multiple interior and exterior upgrades including: roof sealing, exterior door frame replacement, drywall repairs, restroom update, new vinyl waterproof flooring, wainscoting in the hallway, updated floor trim, and emergency lighting. The interior offices received a nice, fresh coat of paint.   


Did you have to hire outside contractors to do the work?  

Lorre: No, all the work was done by our internal team members.  


Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to make the upgrades in Erie and what was the inspiration behind your choices for materials and color scheme?  

Lorre: We have a very small office in an older building in Erie. When we moved from Conneaut, everyone was far too busy completing the everyday tasks of running the business to reorganize and update the building.  Through tremendous team effort, we sorted through, organized and moved furniture, and reorganized offices to create an open, common space and a new driver’s area, to provide the office space needed and create a much more open flow. We chose a beachy blue and gray color scheme to bring a sense of calm to an otherwise busy work environment.  And considering the crazy weather in Erie, the waterproof vinyl flooring will be a welcome addition during the winter months. 


Did you initiate the project? Tell us a little about that  

Lorre: Vince (Vince Variglotti, President) and I had several discussions regarding the state of some of the items in the building and agreed that as soon as we were able to do so, we should make the improvements to create a better work environment for all.  Vince, Carla (Carla Variglotti, Vice President) and Jim (Jim Variglotti, Founder and CEO) were all extremely supportive of the changes and excited to watch the progress unfold throughout the transformation.


Have you received feedback from team members or guests?   

Lorre: All the feedback has been very positive, from our drivers who have more space to manage their beginning and endofday tasks, to all guests and coworkers who have complimented the updated look, serene colors and more organized and open feel of the space.   


Are the initial upgrades complete, and do you have any future projects planned 

Lorre: We are still completing a few small projects and painting the last areas on the weekends.  Our next big adventure is to expand our warehouse space, which will be greatly needed as we continue to grow our business in the tri-state area!  


Thank you to the Cuyahoga Group team in Erie, PA! 

The Cuyahoga Group sends a big THANK YOU to Lorre White and our entire team at our Erie, PA branch. Your collective vision, hard work and commitment to improving your work day experience through the many upgrades, brings inspiration to all of us! 


Inspire your employees with our quality food & beverage choices! 

Check out The Cuyahoga Group website for information on bringing the best in VendingMicro-MarketOffice Coffee and Catering services to your employees.  


Or you can call us at: (800) 901-8363.  


The Cuyahoga Group is a family- and veteran-owned and operated company.  


Eat, drink and be healthier—at work!

The health and wellbeing of your employees is connected to the health and wellbeing of your business. It’s a simple formula, but not always easy to achieve, especially when our workday is packed with…well, work.  

We don’t have time to run out and grab a healthy meal, snack or beverage, and mobile ordering can be quite costly.  


We save employees time and $$without compromising taste & quality 

That’s where we come in. The Cuyahoga Group delivers fresh, healthier and tasty food and beverage options straight to your breakroom—saving you time, hassle and cost, without compromising quality, nutrition or taste.  


From organic granola bars, fresh fruit, natural cheese & nut packs, crisp salads, yogurt, hummus, wraps, sandwiches and subs, to homemade meals and hearty soups delivered daily, to nutrient-packed juice and water brands, our Micro-Markets and Vending empower your employees with the food and beverage choices they need to stay bright and energized all through the work day.  


Quick, delicious protein-packed, our Vinny V® breakfast line is for anytime!  


We know that a good breakfast helps fuel your employees throughout the day, and that’s why our Vinny V® line is now available in our Micro-Markets and fresh-food Vending Vinny V® meal options are homemade in our North Ridgeville Culinary Center and delivered daily to your workplace.  


From our sweet and savory Pancake Platter, to our tasty Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissantwe provide the protein and taste that your employees need to energize their morning (or afternoon, or night)—without leaving the workplace!  


We support healthy programs in your workplace, so contact us today! 


The Cuyahoga Group supports healthy initiatives in the workplace, and our healthy lines of meals, snacks and beverages bring an array of nutritious options for your employees. We aim to keep workers energetic and happy, and that translates to productivity and positivity for your company!  


For more information on our healthy line options, including numerous additional food, beverage and coffee options and services that we provide in our Micro-MarketsVending and Office Coffee, please click here.   


You can also visit our website to learn more.


The Cuyahoga Group: We cater to coffee fanatics

Freshly brewed, from us to you

What’s bold, beautiful and packs an energetic punch into your workday? COFFEE!  The delicious taste aside, a cup of fresh-brewed coffee lifts the spirit and brightens our mood. And, it’s totally legal!

We’re almost certain that studies show that we’re happier, more alert and more productive when we’re drinking good coffee—us coffee drinkers already know that, and the happiness is growing.

According to, more than 60% of Americans drink coffee daily, and that number is rising.

The word ‘coffee’ even sounds nice. We love it hot or cold and we want it…NOW!  


Imagine gourmet coffee blends in your breakroom
(you provide the barista)

The Cuyahoga Group’s Office Coffee Service brings supreme coffee products, services and supplies into your workplace, without the hassle of leaving work—or the cost.

So, when the mid-morning or afternoon doldrums roll around, all your associates have to do is stroll to the breakroom and let the coffee magic begin.


From fresh-roasted Bean-to-Cup, to old-fashioned Slow-Drip, to Fair-Trade, Sustainable Certified and Certified Organic brands and options—to our own signature brand, Frisco Bay® – we have the coffee choices that your associates need to get them successfully the through the workday.

We also offer Pantry Services that include cups, lids, stirrers, and cream or sugar—and we’ll soon be rolling out our new Cold Brew line.


Also, we customize to meet the needs of your associates—so whatever coffee choices your associates crave, our Office Coffee Service will deliver!

For Quick, Easy Access to the Best in Coffee—CALL US!

To bring some liquid joy into your work place: Call or email The Cuyahoga Group Office Coffee Service  – Your associates will be happy, and so will your production rates.


Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight – Roger Greetham

Roger Greetham was recently named The Cuyahoga Group Employee of the Quarter. His outstanding record of service and attention to detail has the customers along his downtown route so impressed that they regularly take the time to let us know how appreciative they are—and so are we!

We thank Roger for his hard work and commitment to his role, and we’re grateful to have him on our team. So now, let’s get to know Roger a little better!  

What is your role with The Cuyahoga Group?
Roger: I’m a Sales Rep in the Office Coffee Department.

How long have you worked for The Cuyahoga Group?
Roger:  Thirteen and a half years.

What do you like most about your job, and why?
Roger: Getting to know my customers and satisfying their coffee and paper product needs.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
Roger: I’m a hockey junkie.

What is your favorite food/favorite meal?
Roger: I’m a steak or prime rib kind of guy!!

What is your favorite type of music?
Roger: Classic rock and blues.

Please tell us about a goal you’d like to accomplish someday.
Roger: Spend more time on photography and work on family history—I was a history major in college.

Thanks Roger!


Pure, earth-friendly water options at work—let’s to drink to that!

World Water Day is on March 22, reminding all of us that water is one of our most precious, natural resources. Clean water is not only vital to the health and wellness of all of us, protecting our natural resources is vital to the health and longevity of our planet.


Since we spend one third of our lives at work, it’s important for everyone to have quick access to natural, pure water. How do we do that and protect the environment at the same time?  Enter Bevi!

Still or sparkling, flavored or not—it’s your earth-friendly choice!

Best Office Water Cooler 2018

The smart water cooler—bringing flavors, fizz, and eco-friendly fun to your workplace.

Posted by Bevi on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bevi was designed to provide workplace customers with natural, hydrating water with many natural flavor options—while removing the massive waste and ecological destruction of throw-away plastic water bottles.


With Bevi, our customers at The Cuyahoga Group have quick access to still or sparkling water, with numerous naturally sweetened and unsweetened flavor choices, ranging from unsweetened raspberry and unsweetened coconut, to orange mango, blueberry cucumber and blackberry lime.


Refreshing, pure, delicious and easy to pour—just bring your own reusable water bottle!


The Cuyahoga Group supports health, wellness and ‘green’ practices at work

The Cuyahoga Group recycles, reuses and prioritizes green initiatives at our offices, warehouses and culinary centers—and we also strive to support the health, wellness and ‘green’ programs at your company. By providing your employees with customized, natural, refreshing water, while supporting environmentally friendly practices in your workplace—it’s a waterfall of wins for all of us!


If you’re interested in setting up Bevi at your workplace, please contact us at


For more information on The Cuyahoga Group’s selection of quality, fresh food, snack and beverage options for vending and micro-markets, visit our website here.


Read more about the story of Bevi here.


Celebrating the Luck of the Irish and…only six months away from National Coffee Day!

St. Patrick’s Day needs no introduction, but a connection to National Coffee Day? Well, yes! St. Patrick’s Day is approximately six months away from National Coffee Day, and the connection goes even further: Luck of the Irish – Irish Whiskey –  Irish Coffee – St. Patrick was Italian – Italian Coffee – Cuyahoga Group Office Coffee – and there you have it! Makes sense, right?

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate the vibrant culture and rich history of Ireland. From the beauty of Ireland’s rocky coasts, to the greener than green rolling hillsides, to the amazing contribution in literature, music and art, to the waves of Irish immigrants who have enriched the fabric of America—there’s so much to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day, and on March 17th, we’re all Irish!

As the Irish offer an array of classic beverages on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond, we do too at The Cuyahoga Group!  Prefer a little Irish Crème in your coffee? We have it! A shot of whiskey in your afternoon tea? Well, we don’t supply the whiskey, but we got you covered on the tea!

At The Cuyahoga Group, we know that quick access to fresh, quality coffee is important!  That’s why our Office Coffee Service (OCS) is about choices and options: We offer a wide selection of delicious and fresh beverage and coffee options, including fresh-brewed, bean-to-cup service, certified organic and Fair-Trade brands, and our signature blend, Frisco Bay.®

Our OCS goes beyond coffee options. We also offer Pantry Services (so you never run out of stirrers, cream or sugar!); Beverage Services that include a wide array of delicious, top brand, healthy and organic options; Water Cooler options; and, we are soon rolling out our new Cold Brew line.  Whatever your associates are thirsty for, The Cuyahoga Group’s OCS will provide it!

So, whether Irish coffee or green beer, lift your glass on St. Patrick’s Day and drink to health, happiness, good cheer—and knowing that in a little more than six months, we will be celebrating National Coffee Day!