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The Cuyahoga Group: we empower our customers, and our team

Refresh. Reset. Renew. However you describe it, changing things up brings a spark of energy, uplifts our spirits, and brings purpose, improvement and inspiration to our surroundings, at home or at work.


At The Cuyahoga Group, we empower our customers by bringing quality food and beverage options to the workplace. We also strive to empower our team members to bring innovative ideas that spark positive changes in our workplace. 


From improvements in customer service, to new methods that support environmental sustainability, to internal design changes, having faith in the ideas and creativity of our team brings strength to our entire company. 


The innovative ideas and team effort at our Erie, PA branch, led by Branch Manager, Lorre White, brought design and functionality upgrades to the interior and exterior of our offices there, and is a great example of how the ideas and dedication of our team members can uplift an entire office location. The Cuyahoga Group’s Erie Branch includes eastern OH, PA and western NY regions.   


The upgrades have been so well received that The Cuyahoga Group is expanding the new color schemes, flooring and office layout changes to our Maple Heights, North Ridgeville and Columbus locations.


To get a glimpse of our new look in Erie and the inspiration behind it, read the following interview with Lorre White, and don’t forget to check out the photos!  



Which building areas were upgraded, and what type of work was done?   

Lorre: We completed multiple interior and exterior upgrades including: roof sealing, exterior door frame replacement, drywall repairs, restroom update, new vinyl waterproof flooring, wainscoting in the hallway, updated floor trim, and emergency lighting. The interior offices received a nice, fresh coat of paint.   


Did you have to hire outside contractors to do the work?  

Lorre: No, all the work was done by our internal team members.  


Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to make the upgrades in Erie and what was the inspiration behind your choices for materials and color scheme?  

Lorre: We have a very small office in an older building in Erie. When we moved from Conneaut, everyone was far too busy completing the everyday tasks of running the business to reorganize and update the building.  Through tremendous team effort, we sorted through, organized and moved furniture, and reorganized offices to create an open, common space and a new driver’s area, to provide the office space needed and create a much more open flow. We chose a beachy blue and gray color scheme to bring a sense of calm to an otherwise busy work environment.  And considering the crazy weather in Erie, the waterproof vinyl flooring will be a welcome addition during the winter months. 


Did you initiate the project? Tell us a little about that  

Lorre: Vince (Vince Variglotti, President) and I had several discussions regarding the state of some of the items in the building and agreed that as soon as we were able to do so, we should make the improvements to create a better work environment for all.  Vince, Carla (Carla Variglotti, Vice President) and Jim (Jim Variglotti, Founder and CEO) were all extremely supportive of the changes and excited to watch the progress unfold throughout the transformation.


Have you received feedback from team members or guests?   

Lorre: All the feedback has been very positive, from our drivers who have more space to manage their beginning and endofday tasks, to all guests and coworkers who have complimented the updated look, serene colors and more organized and open feel of the space.   


Are the initial upgrades complete, and do you have any future projects planned 

Lorre: We are still completing a few small projects and painting the last areas on the weekends.  Our next big adventure is to expand our warehouse space, which will be greatly needed as we continue to grow our business in the tri-state area!  


Thank you to the Cuyahoga Group team in Erie, PA! 

The Cuyahoga Group sends a big THANK YOU to Lorre White and our entire team at our Erie, PA branch. Your collective vision, hard work and commitment to improving your work day experience through the many upgrades, brings inspiration to all of us! 


Inspire your employees with our quality food & beverage choices! 

Check out The Cuyahoga Group website for information on bringing the best in VendingMicro-MarketOffice Coffee and Catering services to your employees.  


Or you can call us at: (800) 901-8363.  


The Cuyahoga Group is a family- and veteran-owned and operated company.  

Eat, drink and be healthier—at work!

The health and wellbeing of your employees is connected to the health and wellbeing of your business. It’s a simple formula, but not always easy to achieve, especially when our workday is packed with…well, work.  

We don’t have time to run out and grab a healthy meal, snack or beverage, and mobile ordering can be quite costly.  


We save employees time and $$without compromising taste & quality 

That’s where we come in. The Cuyahoga Group delivers fresh, healthier and tasty food and beverage options straight to your breakroom—saving you time, hassle and cost, without compromising quality, nutrition or taste.  


From organic granola bars, fresh fruit, natural cheese & nut packs, crisp salads, yogurt, hummus, wraps, sandwiches and subs, to homemade meals and hearty soups delivered daily, to nutrient-packed juice and water brands, our Micro-Markets and Vending empower your employees with the food and beverage choices they need to stay bright and energized all through the work day.  


Quick, delicious protein-packed, our Vinny V® breakfast line is for anytime!  


We know that a good breakfast helps fuel your employees throughout the day, and that’s why our Vinny V® line is now available in our Micro-Markets and fresh-food Vending Vinny V® meal options are homemade in our North Ridgeville Culinary Center and delivered daily to your workplace.  


From our sweet and savory Pancake Platter, to our tasty Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit and Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissantwe provide the protein and taste that your employees need to energize their morning (or afternoon, or night)—without leaving the workplace!  


We support healthy programs in your workplace, so contact us today! 


The Cuyahoga Group supports healthy initiatives in the workplace, and our healthy lines of meals, snacks and beverages bring an array of nutritious options for your employees. We aim to keep workers energetic and happy, and that translates to productivity and positivity for your company!  


For more information on our healthy line options, including numerous additional food, beverage and coffee options and services that we provide in our Micro-MarketsVending and Office Coffee, please click here.   


You can also visit our website to learn more.

The Cuyahoga Group Knows: Water is Life We Bring Hydration and Health to your Workplace

August is National Water Quality Month.  We all understand that water gives life and sustains life—and pure, clean water is not only vital to our health and wellness, it is key to the survival of our planet. That’s why The Cuyahoga Group provides the very best in water brands and products in our Vending and Micro-Markets.

Quick Access to Refreshing Water = Happy, Healthy Staff

Pure water is the center of workplace healthy initiatives, and we have the variety of water products that your employees want! From Deja Blue® and Aquafina®, to LifeWater® brands, to many more water brand options, The Cuyahoga Group makes it quick and convenient for employees to maintain healthy choices by keeping pure water stocked just a short walk away, in your office break room or on your warehouse or plant floor.

Still or sparkling, flavored or not—it’s your earth-friendly choice!

Bevi® was designed to provide workplace customers with natural, hydrating water with many natural flavor options—while removing the massive waste and ecological destruction of throw-away plastic water bottles.

With Bevi®, our customers at The Cuyahoga Group have quick access to still or sparkling water, with numerous naturally sweetened and unsweetened flavor choices, ranging from unsweetened raspberry and unsweetened coconut, to orange mango, blueberry cucumber and blackberry lime.

Refreshing, pure, delicious and easy to pour—just bring your own reusable water bottle! Read more about the story of Bevi here.

We’re Committed to Earth-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

The Cuyahoga Group recycles, reuses and prioritizes environmentally sustainable initiatives at our offices, warehouses and culinary centers—and we also strive to support the health, wellness and ‘green’ programs at your company. We provide your employees with natural and refreshing water, while supporting environmentally friendly practices in your workplace—making it a cascade of wins for all of us!

Pure Water for your Employees is just a Click Away!

For more information on The Cuyahoga Group’s selection of pure water products, including our Bevi® pure water system, click here.

The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Tony Taylor

Not only is Tony Taylor a favorite among our customers, he has been one of The Cuyahoga Group’s most dedicated drivers for nearly 20 years. Tony has been a key player in building strong partnerships with our customers along his route, and his dedication to going the ‘extra mile’ is second to none. We appreciate all of Tony’s hard work and his unwavering commitment to making our customers happy!  


Now, let’s get to know Tony Taylor a little better… 


What is your role with The Cuyahoga Group?
Tony: I am a Route Service Attendant with a focus on customer service: I strive to provide the best service in Vending that I possibly can, while creating lasting relationships with my customers through communication and maintaining customer satisfaction. 


How long have you worked for The Cuyahoga Group?
Tony:  I was introduced to this business nearly 40 years ago, by Ed Butler. I transitioned to The Cuyahoga Group around 20 years ago. 


What do you like most about your job, and why?
TonyThe interesting people I get to meet and, knowing that I am appreciated for the service that I provide. 


Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
TonyEveryone who knows me knows that I live to make life easier for others by always learning new things and equipping myself with the tools to be able to assist them in any way I can. I’m always buying tools and I love woodworking and music, and I love to encourage others, both spiritually and morally. 


What is your favorite food/favorite meal? 
TonyMy dad was part Italian, so he always made incredible pasta dishes. Not that I’m as great a cook as he was, but I love nearly any kind of pasta dish. 


What is your favorite type of music? 
TonyBeing a musician and always performing with many professional artists in the business, I love all kinds of music and must always be prepared to bring any style to the stage. But my favorite type of music would be Jazz Fusion because of its complex nature. My favorite band? Jeff Lorber! 


Please tell us about a goal you’d like to accomplish someday:
Tony: Hands down, because of my multi-faceted background in video production and stage experience, a future goal would be to produce a movie. 


Thank you, Tony!! 

The Catering Experience website has a new look! Experts in making your catered event exceptional

The Cuyahoga Group is happy to announce the launch of our newly upgraded Catering Experience website.  When amazing food, superb service and just the right décor are combined, the celebration becomes extraordinary—and memorable.  


Chef Andy Yanak knows great food, and he knows how to throw a great party!

The Catering Experience was founded in 2004. After many years of applying his culinary expertise in the private and business sectors, Executive Chef Andy Yanak partnered with Jim Variglotti, CEO and founder of The Cuyahoga Group, to form The Catering Experience. Learn more about the history of The Catering Experience.  

Andy understands that the key to making any event an exceptional experience, whether small or large, casual or formal—is to provide exceptional food and exceptional service—and he delivers, every time.  Andy and his executive team have nearly 30 years of catering excellence, and The Catering Experience is also a proud member of the International Caterers Association. 

Corporate or private event? Just click for inspiration, menus, or a quick quote!  

From menu selections for all occasions, to additional catering services such as linens, floral, wait staff, bartenders, dinnerware, tents, theme décor and ice sculptures, Catering Experience provides it all.  

An outdoor, Employee Appreciation BBQ for 20 or 1,000 employees? We do that every year! Office holiday celebrations, elegant weddings, family reunions or any event in between? Yes, we do that too! Catering Experience has the talent, integrity and knowledge to create an amazing and memorable celebratory event for all who attend.    

Click here for a quick quote! 

For more information on bringing excellence in catering to your Employees, Family or Friends, please contact Andy Yanak, Executive Chef with The Catering Experience: 

Homemade Sandwiches in YOUR WORKPLACE? We got you covered—at The Cuyahoga Group Market!

August is  National Sandwich Month, and The Cuyahoga Group has the sandwiches worth celebrating—and available for your employees, year-round with a Cuyahoga Group Market—installed right at your workplace!  

We provide the convenience and options of a mini grocery store just steps away, for your associates, 24 hours a day.    

From our Jimmy V® Italian subs, Vinny V® breakfast line—to our famous Chicken Salad wedges and healthy wraps, we provide your employees with a variety of delicious sandwiches that are delivered fresh from our North Ridgeville culinary center.  

Convenience, Options, Nourishment, & Hydration = Good Vibrations! 

Aside from our awesome sandwiches, The Cuyahoga Group Market provides homemade meals including the Sherry V® dinner line, and fresh salads and delicious wraps that are delivered daily. Hydration? We got it: Refreshing beverages from Life Water® and Gold Peak® brands, to Dasani® and Pure Leaf® and custom Coffee Blends. Sweet or Salty? We got that too—from favorite, popular chips and cookie brands, to our homemade desserts like chocolate pudding and seasonal sweets like apple crisp. 

Looking for healthier options? We have that too! Our Healthy & Fresh® line delivers fresh food daily! Our healthy snacks and nutritious meals is just what the doctor ordered: From organic protein bars and creamy yogurt, to fresh fruit paired with artisan cheese, to light wraps, homemade soups, crisp salads, and trail mix, eating healthier at work has never been so easy and delectable! 

The Cuyahoga Group is Family and Veteran-owned and operated 

The Cuyahoga Group is a Veteran-owned and operated family company, based in Cleveland, Ohio. We partner with local Veterans’ organizations to support Veteran families through employment and community partnerships.   

Each Market is custom-built by a local builder in less than two days, to suit the layout, space and design of your company.  

Our Markets bring happiness and raise morale, so CONTACT US TODAY! 

For tens of thousands of employees at more than 110 companies throughout Ohio, it’s a break-time dream come true! Taste, options and convenience have changed the way we refuel while at work, making a quick recharge so easy, delicious and nutritious. 

For additional information, contact Brian today—we’d be happy to come out and discuss our Market options for your organization!  

Brian Canterbury:
Phone: (440) 225-9318 


Give your employees what they want: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Move over, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies shall also have their day in the sun (or oven). In fact, August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.  The Cuyahoga Group is celebrating the occasion, as we believe that this particular cookie is the all-star of things sweet and classically American.  

We deliver Chocolate Chip Cookies to your breakroom! 

That’s why the best in chocolate chip cookie brands, from Keebler®  and Daisy’s® to Chips Ahoy®, are available in many of our Cuyahoga Group vending machines and micro markets. 

While apple pie gets plenty of accolades, and rightly so, it’s clear, for a million reasons, why the chocolate chip cookie rules. Ask yourself this question: ‘Who is the most beloved Muppet?’  The answer of course, is: Cookie Monster. Did you know that Cookie Monster’s middle names are Chocolate and Chip? That’s right, Cookie ‘CC’ Monster. Mic drop and case closed. 



Girls (and Chocolate Chip Cookies) Rule—Boys, well, you know 

It should come as no surprise that a woman invented the chocolate chip cookie: Ruth Graves Wakefield, a chef from Massachusetts.  And if you’re thinking ‘oh, she must have accidentally spilled pieces of chocolate in cookie dough and the rest is history’—you’d be wrong. Wakefield’s monumental invention—one that forever changed the course of pastry trends in America—was a deliberate and methodical creation that took place in 1938. 

They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ well yes, chocolate chip cookies are a necessity, when times are tough, when times are great—and especially when it’s work time—and The Cuyahoga Group has you covered! 

To sum up National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, be a smart cookie and contact the Cuyahoga Group to add year-round sweetness to your workplace—you’re employees will be glad you did!  

Keep calm and eat (chocolate chip) cookie” Cookie Monster 

Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Ed Byler

Ed Byler as has been a key associate in generating growth and driving success at The Cuyahoga Group for nearly twenty-five years. His ability to cultivate and maintain vital partnerships with customers throughout northeastern Ohio is unparalleled, and we are grateful for his contribution, achievement, and continued service. Above all, we are grateful for Ed’s unwavering friendship. We wish Ed Byler and his entire family all the best!


What is your role with The Cuyahoga Group?
Ed: I retired from The Cuyahoga Group in 2008, but I have continued working part-time as a
Customer Service Representative. I visit clients to ensure they are receiving the
service they expect and deserve.


How long have you worked for The Cuyahoga Group?
Ed:  I have worked for The Cuyahoga Group since 1994 as an Operations and Sales
Manager.  It has been a pleasure to partner with Jim Variglotti, the Variglotti
family and everyone at the Cuyahoga Group.


What do you like most about your job, and why?
Ed: The best part of my job is developing relationships with clients and following up with them to
ensure they are receiving the service we promised.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
Ed: Last year, I went skydiving with two of my grandsons, Luke and Seth, when I was 75 years old. I still have four more grandsons and two more jumps to go!

What is your favorite food/favorite meal?
Ed: My favorite meal is breakfast. However, I also enjoy a rare filet with a glass of Chianti for dinner. Hold the Fava beans.

What is your favorite type of music?
Ed: I like a blend of 70’s and 80’s music. Currently, my favorite group is Imagine Dragons. I just saw them at Blossom a few weeks ago.

Please tell us about a goal you’d like to accomplish someday:
Ed: My personal goal is to take some fabulous pictures in Sicily on an upcoming trip in September with my wife, daughter and son-in-law.

Thank you, Ed!

Freedom Fighters celebrate life, hope & raise funds

The Cuyahoga Group is proud to share that at last Saturday’s American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at Elyria Catholic High School, the Freedom Fighters team exceeded their goal by raising more than $5,000 to bring awareness and advance research to end the devastation of cancer.  


Irene Belcher and Patsy Johnson are cancer survivors and culinary associates at The Cuyahoga Group. When they pitched their idea of forming the Freedom Fighters team for the Relay for Life event, Sandi Bealer, Culinary Director and Sherrie Peters, Culinary Associate, immediately climbed onboard.


Saturday, July 14 turned out to be a 90-plus degree day, with a heat index that rose above 100 degrees—but there was no stopping the Freedom Fighters. Following an inspiring Survivors Brunch held inside the school, the Freedom Fighters got walking, and kept going until midnight.  


The Freedom Fighters are grateful to everyone who participated in the Relay, and to all who generously donated their time, funds or services. The Cuyahoga Group was happy to help support this worthy event.  


A special shoutout and big THANK YOU to all who made the Relay a great success:  

Patsy Johnson, Janell Johnson, Irene Belcher, Al Belcher, Sandi Bealer, Sherrie Peters, Regina Stafford, Willie Madison, Rosa Quintero, Lee Black, LaShawn Ortiz, Sarah LaPoint and Carla Variglotti.  


We’d also like to say ‘thank you’ to the organizations who donated items and services for the Relay, as well as for basket raffle fundraisers, held over the past several months at The Cuyahoga Group Culinary Center. 


For more information on the Freedom Fighters Relay Team, please click here to read our blog post. 


To make a donation on the Freedom Fighters webpage, click here. 

For more information on participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life where you live, click here.  


“Being a cancer survivor, I know there is hope—and a cure, for everyone” –Survivor, Patsy Johnson, Cuyahoga Group employee. 


 “Our goal is to help raise money to find a cure against this monster known as cancer”—Survivor, Irene Belcher, Cuyahoga Group employee. 

Walk with us on Saturday July 14th – Join the Freedom Fighters team to fight cancer!

The Cuyahoga Group hopes you can join with the Freedom Fighters to bring awareness and raise funds to end the devastation of cancer. Established by Cuyahoga Group cancer survivors, the Freedom Fighters welcomes all to the team!


We encourage and welcome all Cuyahoga Group associates, friends, families and customers to walk with us on July 14, 2018 at Elyria Catholic High School for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. 

To register, donate, or for more information on the Relay for Life Freedom Fighter’s team fundraiser, click here.


For more information on the Freedom Fighters, please click here to read our blog post.


“Being a cancer survivor, I know there is hope—and a cure, for everyone” –Survivor, Patsy Johnson, Cuyahoga Group employee.


“Our goal is to help raise money to find a cure against this monster known as cancer”—Survivor, Irene Belcher, Cuyahoga Group employee.