Brenda Slack Celebrates 15 Years!

On December 26, 2021, Brenda Slack will celebrate 15 years in her current role as Admin in our North Ridgeville branch of The Cuyahoga Group.

Congratulations Brenda on your 15th Anniversary with The Cuyahoga Group!  We appreciate all that you do, and we are grateful that you are part of our team

What is your current role with The Cuyahoga Group, and what past roles have you held?
My current role Admin in N Ridgeville.  I started out working in the warehouse in Mansfield and the office in Mansfield, worked in the StarTek Café and Newman café was the Newman attendant for a little while. I also got a chance to work with the catering crew for the Holidays.

What do you like most about your job, and why?
What I like most about my job it keeps me busy my day goes faster.  

Tell us a fun fact, or facts, about yourself:
I have a total of 6 Grandkids ages go from 8 years down to 6 months and love every moment. I am also working on my Grandparents house in New Washington and taking it over for myself.  So when I am not at my job working, I am at my house working. 

What is your favorite kind of food or meal?
Any meal that I did not have to cook is my favorite meal. 

What kind of music do you like? Do you have a favorite band or singer?
I like a mix of music from oldies to present I would have to say my favorite singer is Elvis Presley. He really could sing anything and make it sound good!

What is your favorite movie, TV show or book?
My favorite TV Show is the Big Bang Theory. It can always make me laugh if I had a rough day.

Please share with us a goal you’d like to accomplish someday:
The main goal I have in my life now is I would really like to go to Hawaii and visit the ship that my Grandpa served on in WWII the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. 

Once the pandemic is behind us, what is one thing you can’t wait to do? 
Go out with my friends and travel more without restrictions or having to check to see if things are open
due to staff shortages. 

Thank You, Brenda for participating inThe Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight,  and  Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary with The Cuyahoga Group!