…We are proud of

…Our Roots.

Established in 1988 in Cleveland Ohio. Jim Variglotti started Cuyahoga Vending with a handful of customers, a vision and a lot of hard work. He believed in the basic tenants of good business and the goodness of people. He believed that people should take care of one another, whether in personal or business life. His handshake was a contract; his word was his promise. Through the partnerships he developed and his commitment to his customers, Jim was able to grow his company by providing superior service and anticipating his customers’ needs.

Over twenty years later, Jim is still committed to customer service and growth.

He has not taken his success for granted; his vision is still clear. With the help of his children, Vince and Carla, The Cuyahoga Group has retained and fostered their client relationships, remained current in customer needs and is positioned to strategically adapt to the dynamic market.

… Our Mission.

• Cuyahoga Group is committed to providing quality food and beverage programs for vending, office coffee, on-site dining, as well as on-site and off-site catering events.
• Our primary focus is to consistently offer a wide variety of menu items, coupled with exemplary customer service. We emphasize fresh, innovative, seasonal, and healthy options for all our services.
• Customer satisfaction is our key measure of success.

In any of our services it’s important to us that you receive more than you expect. Should you choose to work with us, we promise to be a reliable, accountable business partner. We will work with you to make sure your vending machines are stocked, clean and always able to satisfy your employees’ tastes.

…Our Business.

The Cuyahoga Group has expanded to bring outstanding vending, Signature blend coffee service, dining, catering and self-service markets to over a thousand companies in Northeast and Central Ohio, PA and Western New York. As a franchisee of the Canteen Vending Association, we are able to provide our clients: Catering, Mobile Dining, The Markets, Office Coffee and Vending.