Innovative, Convenient, Adaptable—Fresh and Delicious!

Empower your employees with the freedom to choose their food & beverages.

In today’s world there never seems to be enough time. It’s difficult to break away for lunch. As the modern work environment evolves, flexible and alternative dining solutions is a must. Our markets provide a valuable benefit to your company by providing a variety of quick, convenient food and beverage options for your employees, which helps increase productivity. Our Market program takes the hassle out of finding time for lunch and gives your employees more control over their days.

Cutting edge and Customizable

Each Market utilizes technology to provide a variety of snacks, gourmet healthy foods, frozen novelty treats, breakfast options and convenience products – all within an individual company location.

  • We build out all Markets custom to your specs and breakroom!
  • Branding,colorful imagery and lighting elements work together to complete the retail environment.
  • Tasty and Nutritious
  • Expand selections to over 100 different items.
  • Safe and Secure

We keep our markets stocked with hundreds of snacks, beverages and fresh food options for any time of the day. Heat a breakfast sandwich or whole-grain oatmeal for your morning meal, and then join us at lunch for a fresh salad, sandwich or soup. All-day choices such as fresh fruit, milk, yogurt, string cheese and hummus just skim the surface of our better- for-you offerings. It’s no wonder our fresh food sales rise over 300 percent when we convert from traditional vending to Our latest culinary offerings include our innovative Market, also known as Avenue C. There are even options for coffee, including your favorite brands such as Starbucks® and Peet’s® coffee. Let’s start with an overview of our fresh food.

Now that we’ve got great food in a great space, we need to generate excitement with marketing and promotions. A cornerstone of a true retail mindset, it all starts with understanding your customers and creating moments of “wow.”

Culinary Center

Our uniformed associates deliver meals right to your workplace, so you can trust they will be fresh and delicious.

Monthly Promotions

Our monthly promotions feature new products, seasonal favorites, national vendor campaigns. From point-of-sale materials, to digital advertisements and a custom monument stand sign holder, we engage with our customers and drive awareness.

Purchasing food and Products

The Market makes it quick and easy. Employees may use their company card, debit card, credit card or thumbprint. All they have to do is scan, pay and go. Lunchtime meals feature affordable gourmet salads, specialty sandwiches and hand-crafted soups – all created by our professional food-service team at our North Ridgeville.