The Cuyahoga Group team has made great strides in reducing our carbon foot print by implementing earth-friendly processes and programs and initiatives throughout the company.

Day to Day Awareness

    • Redesigning Routes: Decreases gas consumption further reducing emissions into the air.
    • Relegate Food Waste: Combined efforts of software implementation and corporate wide standards for monitoring food waste provided a 28% reduction of waste.
    • Purchasing: Through our purveyors we purchase through a program called imperfect produce. This is produce that may have a slight indentation and cannot be sold for retail. This program reduces the waste from the local farmers.
    • Automation-Accountability: Implementing software – Reduced waste across each product category by identifying low selling items.
    • Recycle: All paper products from each facility are outsourced for recycling.
    • Cardboard: Purchased vertical card board compactor which allows for recycling by outsourced company.
    • LED Lighting: All of our new vending machines and marketing refrigerators include LED lighting, designed to conserve energy which helps lessen our carbon footprint.
    • Locally-Sourced Produce: Whenever possible, we purchase locally-grown produce from local farmers, which helps support a sustainable, ‘green’ community.
    • Organic and Fair-Trade Coffee Products: Many of our coffee selections are certified organic and are certified Fair Trade brands, which supports growers and the environment.

Along with the outlined initiatives, The Cuyahoga Group is pledging 25% waste reduction for the year 2019.


The Cuyahoga Group encourages community involvement company-wide.

Community involvement includes volunteering, client donations and event participation (client’s charities) and an annual monetary donation to a charity chosen by the corporate office.

In 2016, The Cuyahoga Group sponsored The United Service Organization with year-long corporate contributions to assist in providing individualized support to servicemen, women and their families.

The USO just celebrated it’s 75th year helping service men and women.