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Jack Ebner Celebrates 15 Years!

Cuyahoga Group Team Member Jack Ebner has been selected as our Employee Spotlight for June, 2021.  On July 25, 2021, Jack will celebrate 15 years in his current role as Service Tech for the Cuyahoga Group. Congratulations Jack on your 15th Anniversary with The Cuyahoga Group! We appreciate all that you do, and we are grateful that you are part of our team!  What is your current role with The […]

Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Irene Belcher

Irene Belcher, Cuyahoga Group Culinary Associate, has been selected for our April Employee Spotlight. For 16 years, Irene has been a significant part of the North Ridgeville Culinary team. Her unwavering work ethic, positive attitude, ability to forge solid partnerships with colleagues, and her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, raises the bar for all employees at The Cuyahoga […]

The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Robert Quentin Smith

Robert Quentin Smith, Dining Manager of the Hearthside Café for The Cuyahoga Group, was recently profiled in Pluggedin, our quarterly employee newsletter.  Quentin’s unwavering work ethic, excellent customer relations skills, and ability to effectively manage day-to-day operations while keeping our customers first and foremost at the Café, has allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks, and […]

The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Chef Andy Yanak

Executive Chef Andy Yanak is celebrating twenty years at The Cuyahoga Group. He is the Director and Co-Owner of Catering Experience, a division of The Cuyahoga Group. Andy brings decades of restaurant, private and corporate culinary experience that transforms workplaces into memorable, celebratory occasions.   Whether it’s holiday catering for third shift employees at a […]

The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Tony Taylor

Not only is Tony Taylor a favorite among our customers, he has been one of The Cuyahoga Group’s most dedicated drivers for nearly 20 years. Tony has been a key player in building strong partnerships with our customers along his route, and his dedication to going the ‘extra mile’ is second to none. We appreciate all of Tony’s hard work and his unwavering commitment to making our […]

Happy Veterans Day!

On Veterans Day, The Cuyahoga Group— Veteran-Owned and Operated, Honors the Service and Sacrifice of U.S. Veterans and their Families Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11, 2017.  At The Cuyahoga Group, we express our gratitude and appreciation to all U.S. veterans, actively military members, and their families. Jim Variglotti, founder and president of The Cuyahoga […]