The Cuyahoga Group: We cater to coffee fanatics

Freshly brewed, from us to you

What’s bold, beautiful and packs an energetic punch into your workday? COFFEE!  The delicious taste aside, a cup of fresh-brewed coffee lifts the spirit and brightens our mood. And, it’s totally legal!

We’re almost certain that studies show that we’re happier, more alert and more productive when we’re drinking good coffee—us coffee drinkers already know that, and the happiness is growing.

According to, more than 60% of Americans drink coffee daily, and that number is rising.

The word ‘coffee’ even sounds nice. We love it hot or cold and we want it…NOW!  


Imagine gourmet coffee blends in your breakroom
(you provide the barista)

The Cuyahoga Group’s Office Coffee Service brings supreme coffee products, services and supplies into your workplace, without the hassle of leaving work—or the cost.

So, when the mid-morning or afternoon doldrums roll around, all your associates have to do is stroll to the breakroom and let the coffee magic begin.


From fresh-roasted Bean-to-Cup, to old-fashioned Slow-Drip, to Fair-Trade, Sustainable Certified and Certified Organic brands and options—to our own signature brand, Frisco Bay® – we have the coffee choices that your associates need to get them successfully the through the workday.

We also offer Pantry Services that include cups, lids, stirrers, and cream or sugar—and we’ll soon be rolling out our new Cold Brew line.


Also, we customize to meet the needs of your associates—so whatever coffee choices your associates crave, our Office Coffee Service will deliver!

For Quick, Easy Access to the Best in Coffee—CALL US!

To bring some liquid joy into your work place: Call or email The Cuyahoga Group Office Coffee Service  – Your associates will be happy, and so will your production rates.