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Celebrating Earth Day: We’re in this Together

Today is Earth Day, a reminder that how we live, and the choices we make, has an impact on the health of our families, communities and our planet. We’re also reminded that each and every one of us can work toward sustainability goals  that reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint.   

In the past several years, The Cuyahoga Group has introduced company-wide policies that support earth-friendly and sustainable processes and programs.  

From cardboard recycling, to reducing fresh food waste, to implementing LED lighting in our vending and markets, The Cuyahoga Group continues to make advances on being part of earth-friendly practices and solutions. Some of our most recent advancements in implementing sustainable, green practices include: 

  • Redesign of Driver Delivery Routes: New software programs utilized to increase efficiency and decrease drive time in delivery routes, which decreases gas consumption and further reduces emissions of carbon dioxide.  
  • Reduction of Food Waste: Combined efforts of software implementation and corporate-wide standards for monitoring food waste has provided a nearly 30% reduction of food waste in the past year. 
  • Purchasing: We utilize a program called “Imperfect Produce.”  This includes produce that may have a slight indentation and cannot be sold for retail, thereby reducing waste from local farmers. 
  • Automation-Accountability: Implementing software that reduces waste across each product category by identifying low-selling items; this also helps customize menus and product choices for customers. 
  • Paper Recycle: All paper products from all Cuyahoga Group warehouses, offices and culinary center are outsourced for recycling. 
  • Cardboard Recycle: We purchases a vertical card board compactor which allows for recycling by an outsourced company. 
  • LED Lighting: Our new vending machines and market refrigerators include LED lighting, designed to increase efficiency and conserve energy, which supports lessening our carbon footprint. 
  • Locally-Sourced Produce: Whenever possible, we purchase locally-grown produce from local farmers, which helps support a sustainable, ‘green’ community. 
  • Organic and Fair-Trade Coffee Products: Many of our coffee selections are certified organic and certified Fair-Trade brands, which supports family growers, communities and the environment. 

Whether in our individual lives or our work, all efforts can make a difference in supporting the overall health and wellbeing  of our cities, towns and planet.   

We Bring Fresh, Flavorful Snack, Meal & Drink Choices to your Team!  

For more information on The Cuyahoga Group’s Markets, Vending, Office Coffee and Catering offerings, please call us at 1-800-901-8363, email us at info@cuygroup, or click here.  


Grilled Cheese Sandwich, We Honor You

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, and we all understand why. The grilled cheese sandwich is purely simple, yet regally classic and magnificently delicious. This humble sandwich has the power to transform; it is the poetry of sandwiches, the queen of comfort foods and the leader of all things that taste really good.   

Cheesiness aside, there is no sandwich more prevalent, beloved, or tasty than a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s been a traditional staple in American households—and restaurants, for decades, and for two reasons: They’re easy to make and they’re insanely delicious!  

The Cuyahoga Group loves a great grilled cheese sandwich as much as you do, and that’s why we make them homemade and fresh in our culinary center, to deliver to your workplace Market, fresh food Vending, Café’s or Mobile Dining Unit. And, our Catering teams offers a great selection of grilled cheese sandwich options for any workplace luncheon or event.  

Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Work = Cheesy Joy 

It’s a very special moment when you have quick, convenient access to a variety of quality meal, snack, beverages and great grilled cheese sandwiches during the workday. Your associates will feel renewed, rejuvenated, and they’ll get the protein they need to stay productive all day long! 

So, for the love of cheese, stop cheddaring around and contact us soon so we can bring homemade grilled cheese sandwiches to your workforce! Your team isn’t screaming for ice cream, they are screaming for grilled cheese, and the meltier, smoother and cheesier the better! That’s a fact, pepper jack! 


Luck & Market Madness = a chance to Win an Apple Watch!

If you’re feeling lucky from St. Patrick’s Day  then be sure to check out  The Cuyahoga Group’s Market Madness  for a chance to win an Apple Watch! It’s easy—all you have to do is Just take a stroll to your Cuyahoga Group Market and… 

  • Use your Market Card to buy a Deja Blue water or bag ‘o Ballreich Hot & Sassy Chips and you’re automatically entered to win an Apple Watch!  
  • Our Market promo runs from March 18 – March 22!  
  • Winners will be chosen at random and notified by a representative from your company by the end of March.  Good luck to all! 

Make Your Team feel LUCKY with a Market at Your Workplace! 

Cuyahoga Group Markets are custom-built to suit the culinary needs of your employees. We provide the best in brand name snacks, homemade meals, sandwiches, and healthier options like protein packs, homemade soups and fresh salads, premium beverages and coffee. Make your team feel lucky to have the food & drinks they want, right down hall!  
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Let your New Year begin with The Cuyahoga Group!

Reflecting on some of my best posts from 2018. Thanks to everyone for following along!

The New Year means a new beginning, and this is the perfect time to reevaluate the snack, sandwich, mealcoffee, and beverage options in your workplace! Happy, energized employees means stronger production, sparks creativity and helps to support a happy work environment!  


From sweet or salty crunchy snacks and reenergizing power drinks, to healthier selections, premier coffee options and homemade soups, salads and meals, The Cuyahoga Group has all the workplace food and beverage choices that your employees need and want—just steps away from their work station!


The Cuyahoga Group provides the very best in VendingMicro-MarketsMobile Dining, Office Coffee and Catering Services—we deliver the homemade meal, snack and beverage choices that your employees need to refuel and recharge through the workday, without the expense or hassle of leaving the premises.


To contact us, click here or call us at 800-901-8363. 

Happy New Year! 


The Cuyahoga Group Wishes Happy Holidays to All!

The holidays are here, and another year is coming to an end.  As we gather with friends and family to celebrate longtime winter holiday traditions and create new ones, hopefully we’ll also take the time to reflect with gratitude on all the blessings in our lives. 

Let’s also remember that the holiday season can be a very difficult time for those who have lost loved ones, or those who may be experiencing personal struggles. Maybe this year, we can resolve to give of our time to those in need; whether visiting a lonely neighbor or resolving to volunteer in our communities, caring gestures, big or small,  can make a world of difference for the recipient and the giver. 

We often hear that the true meaning of the holidays gets lost in the hustle and bustle. Ironic, isn’t it? So, take some time to for self-renewal: take a walk at night under the stars, listen to your favorite holiday songs, and keep the constant barrage of holiday messaging of ‘buy this’, ‘buy that’, ‘decorate this way or that’, at bay.  

Renew your spirit with a grateful heart, reflect on the memories of loved ones gone, and cherish the moments with loved ones in the here and now: and if we resolve to carry the spirit of gratitude and giving every day, all year ‘round, what a better world it would be. 

And of course, eat, drink, laugh, sing and be as all-around merry as possible.

Spreading some holiday cheer with great food and great smiles!

What a great couple of weeks! Catering Experience & The Cuyahoga Group have been round the clock all over NE Ohio this week catering 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. Andy and our catering team love getting to share in holiday cheer with our clients!!


Nothing says ‘holidays’ better than our annual Holiday Spirit Contest

In the spirit of friendly holiday competition, check out these photos of The Cuyahoga Group staff donning their best holiday swag. One person’s ugly is another’s adorable.


From The Cuyahoga Group family to yours, we wish everyone safe and joyous holiday celebrations with family and friends, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!  

Happy Holidays to All!


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a reminder to give thanks for all that’s good in our corner of the world, and especially for our family and friends. While we acknowledge our blessings, this time of year may also inspire us to think about returning the kindnesses.    

To pay the gratitude forward, it’s easy to learn about reputable, charitable causes in your community that resonate with you. Simply google ‘top-rated’ charities near me’ to get information on how you can donate your time, resources and talents. In the Greater Cleveland community, discover how  The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, one of the largest food banks in the country, works to change lives, one meal at a time.    

The Cuyahoga Group wishes everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving Day!


To Dad, with Love

Father’s Day brings the opportunity to honor and celebrate all the great dads out there.

Like every national holiday, the day also brings the usual media blitz of tacky, gender-biased ads that attempt to distract from the true meaning of the day.

We won’t let that happen, because we know things that ad execs apparently don’t: We know that some of the most awesome dads don’t golf, wear a tie, or care about the latest in sports stats, power tools or after-shave products. We know that some of the greatest dads are the best chocolate chip cookie bakers in the universe, or watercolor artists, or orchid growers, but we don’t see bakeware, art supplies or orchid bulbs on sale for dad, do we?

Despite the media stereotyping that surrounds this worthy day of observance, a simple truth shines though, summed up by this well-known expression: Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.

Today we celebrate and honor the dads who are with us, and we also hold close the memories of dads who are gone. We count ourselves grateful and lucky if we have, or if we had, a wonderful dad.

We also honor the men who may not have the official title of ‘dad’, but who nonetheless embraced the role: Stepdads, granddads, uncles, teachers, coaches and mentors, whose unconditional love, kindness, and guidance changed young lives for the better and shaped strong and caring human beings.

From The Cuyahoga Group family to yours, we wish every dad a Happy Father’s Day!


The Cuyahoga Group celebrates National Pet Day!

Wednesday, April 10th is National Pet Day, and like everyone else, The Cuyahoga Group adores of all of our furry, (or feathered, or scaled) family members!

So today, in honor of our beloved pets, we are showcasing how much we love them—by showing them to you! Whether furry, feathered or fish scales—or the numerous kinds of pets in between, we know that a pet can be an important part of our families, and we also recognize the great need for pet adoption. So, adopt, don’t shop! Or, consider donating resources or your time to an animal shelter near you.

We hope you enjoy these photos, submitted by our The Cuyahoga Group associates with those who provide our families with unconditional love—and a lot fun!

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened – Anatole France


An April Fool’s trick with a side of chocolate bunnies, please

With the Easter holiday and April Fool’s Day falling on the same day, creative trickery in the shape of chocolate rabbits could escalate to epic levels of sugar-coated insanity, so be on the lookout!  It’s common knowledge that rabbits are genetically wired for trickery, but you may not be aware that candy rabbits are even worse! Not to mention humans ‘hopped-up’ on sugar.

Celebrated by Christians around the world, some historians assert that Easter is rooted in secular rituals that focus on the pagan goddess Eostre, who was thought to usher in the season of spring with advice from a sage rabbit who could lay eggs—hence the centuries-old tradition of chocolate Easter bunnies and painted eggs.

Also harkening back to ancient times is April Fool’s Day, which continues to be celebrated (or should we say acted upon) around the world, maybe because it’s the one day of the year when we are sanctioned, encouraged even, to prank, trick and be sillier than normal without consequences (depending of course, on how elaborate the trick is).

And like all companies with a reverence for tradition and a sense of humor, The Cuyahoga Group appreciates a good natured trick—just keep it away from our offices, warehouses, associates, markets and vending machines, and remember, even rabbits can’t escape the eye of the security camera!

So, while we’re fooling our loved ones this April 1st, try to keep it within safe limits, otherwise, you may create an irreparable chocolate debacle of Peter Rabbit proportions—and who will be the April Fool then?


In Honor and Remembrance: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On Monday, January 15, 2018, The Cuyahoga Group honors and remembers the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King’s courageous activism, unwavering vision and ultimate personal sacrifice, shifted the course of American history by shedding light on a nation marred by racism, ignorance and inequality.

The words of Dr. King’s iconic I Have A Dream speech, ring as powerful, relevant and true today as the day he delivered them on August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

“And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

–From Dr. Martin Luther King’s historical speech, “I Have a Dream,” delivered August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Read Dr. King’s speech in its entirety, here.