Celebrate National Coffee Day… with the best in workplace coffee!

A hot, fresh cup of coffee—it’s not just for breakfast anymore. We are passionate about coffee—and we expect the best in freshly brewed, quality coffee everywhere we go—and that includes while we’re at work!   The Cuyahoga Group celebrates National Coffee Day, because we know that quick, convenient access to a great cup of coffee is what your employees need to bring a spark of taste, energy and swing into their workday. 


Who isn’t happier, more alert and more productive with great coffee? No one! That’s why more of us than ever are seeking great coffee at work.  

We bring many coffee options right to your break room!  

The Cuyahoga Group’s Office Coffee Service brings supreme coffee products, services and supplies into your workplace, without the hassle of leaving work—or the cost.   


So, when you’re at work and it’s time for a quick lift in spirit and energy, there’s nothing like coffee to rejuvenate the day—and it all it takes is a walk to the breakroom! We make getting that perfect cup of coffee so easy, affordable and delicious! 


We Customize Coffee Options to suit your Employees! 

Ask ten people how they like their coffee, and you’ll probably get ten different answers. We know precisely how we like our coffee—and that’s exactly why The Cuyahoga Group provides  a wide array of coffee options guaranteed to suit the palate of even your pickiest employee! 


From fresh-roasted Bean-to-Cup, to old-fashioned Slow-Drip, to Fair-Trade, Sustainable Certified and Certified Organic brands and options—to our own signature brand, Frisco Bay® – we have the coffee choices that your associates need to get them successfully the through the workday.


Our exclusive coffee roaster, Mother Parker, has 100 years of experience in perfecting the coffee roasting experience by investing in premier technology, methods and practices, to consistently bring fresh, rich flavor of coffee beans to every cup.    


We also offer Pantry Services that include cups, lids, stirrers, and cream or sugar—and we’ll soon be rolling out our new Cold Brew line.   


Enjoy fall flavors with our Pumpkin Spice Coffee! 


Nothing tastes better on a crisp, cool day then a hot cup of fresh coffee infused with the fall flavor of Pumpkin Spice. Look for an array of Pumpkin Spice coffee options at our Office Coffee stations in your break room!  

To bring the beauty of coffee to your workplace—contact us! 

Help keep your employees happy and bright throughout their workday with the freshness, quality, great taste and convenience of our Office Coffee options and services. For more information, click here. 

To contact our Office Coffee Service Manager, Denise Ebenhoh, click here.