Celebrating the 29th of February!

2020 is a Leap Year, and tomorrow, February 29th, is known as Leap Day, that special, extra day in our planet’s annual voyage around the sun that occurs every four years. The Cuyahoga Group is celebrating February 29th because even though we’re a premiere VendingMarket, Office Coffee ServiceMobile Dining and Catering company that is family-and-veteran-owned and operated with over 31 years of experience in bringing nourishing, delicious, quality meal, snack, coffee and beverage options onsite to our workplace customers in a three-state area—we’re also astronomical mathematicians at heart, and we think it’s pretty cool.  

Why do we have Leap Years? It’s all about serious calculation, including a possible mathematical miscalculation from eons ago. Here’s the short answer: Leap Years are necessary to keep the calendar aligned with the astronomical seasons. 

Swirled in folklore, February 29th is also known as a day of luck, changing weather, and the day when it was “permissible” for women to make marriage proposals. We’ve evolved since then, (mostly) as women now have equal rights and are free to make marriage proposals on any day they want, but that’s beside the point. 

The coolest thing about February 29th? It’s an extra 24 hours, and a good reminder to make everyday matter. 

On Leap Day and all days, make your Workplace Food and Beverage Choices Matter! 

For 31 years, The Cuyahoga Group has delivered the best in Vending, Micro-MarketsMobile Dining, Office Coffee and Catering services.  We provide meal, snack, coffee and beverage choices that your employees need to reenergize throughout the workday, without the inconvenience or expense of leaving the premises. To contact us, click here or call us at 800-901-8363.   


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