To Dad, with Love

Father’s Day brings the opportunity to honor and celebrate all the great dads out there.

Like every national holiday, the day also brings the usual media blitz of tacky, gender-biased ads that attempt to distract from the true meaning of the day.

We won’t let that happen, because we know things that ad execs apparently don’t: We know that some of the most awesome dads don’t golf, wear a tie, or care about the latest in sports stats, power tools or after-shave products. We know that some of the greatest dads are the best chocolate chip cookie bakers in the universe, or watercolor artists, or orchid growers, but we don’t see bakeware, art supplies or orchid bulbs on sale for dad, do we?

Despite the media stereotyping that surrounds this worthy day of observance, a simple truth shines though, summed up by this well-known expression: Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.

Today we celebrate and honor the dads who are with us, and we also hold close the memories of dads who are gone. We count ourselves grateful and lucky if we have, or if we had, a wonderful dad.

We also honor the men who may not have the official title of ‘dad’, but who nonetheless embraced the role: Stepdads, granddads, uncles, teachers, coaches and mentors, whose unconditional love, kindness, and guidance changed young lives for the better and shaped strong and caring human beings.

From The Cuyahoga Group family to yours, we wish every dad a Happy Father’s Day!