The Story of The Cuyahoga Group

Life is a series of stories and everyone has a story to tell. April 27 was designated as National Tell a Story Day, and The Cuyahoga Group has an interesting story of its own to share.  

Jim founded Cuyahoga Vending in 1988, which later became The Cuyahoga Group. He learned the vending industry from the ground up and by trial and error and forged lifelong customer partnerships and friendships along the way.

Jim is a Vietnam War Veteran and served honorably in the U.S. Navy.  Prior to 1988, Jim worked as a vending machine mechanic while he and his wife Sherry were busy raising their children, Vince and Carla, who are now the President and Vice President of the company, respectively.

Jim’s dream of owning his own business began with one vending machine and a handshake. His commitment to taking care of his customers and his employees, enabled him to grow the  business from its humble beginnings to a full-service Vending, Market, Office Coffee and Catering company with more than 350 employees, serving tens of thousands of employees daily throughout Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

Jim’s remarkable story is a true reflection of the American Dream. And although The Cuyahoga Group has expanded and grown over the past 31 years, the heart of the story hasn’t changed: Jim’s belief that whether in our personal or professional lives, people should take care of one another and always be true to their word. Jim’s handshake is his promise, and that will never change.

Our story continues: Learn more about The Cuyahoga Group!

To learn more about the story of The Cuyahoga Group, including ways you can keep your team nourished, hydrated and happy without leaving the workplace with our Markets, Vending, Office Coffee and Catering services, please call us at 1-800-901-8363, email us at info@cuygroup, or click here.


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