Meet the Man Who Builds Our Micro Markets

The trends are clear. Employers want to keep their people happy, healthy and in the building. And one way of doing that is to offer healthier and more convenient food and drink selections on-site. That’s why our self-service markets have become so popular in recent years.

They offer a range of grab-‘n-go options, quick service, and an attractive, even futuristic look for company break rooms.These self-service 24/7 kiosks are fully customizable to a particular company’s space constraints and product preferences.


If you’re a Cuyahoga Group customer, the fellow who  builds and installs these units for you is Kevin Piller, a personable and talented builder who has been helping us install micro markets for the last few years. He expects to install nearly two dozen more for us this year.

Today, he likes the freedom of roaming around his roomy 3,000-square-foot studio space, packed with an assortment of building materials and power tools. Carpentry was a youthful hobby for him at first, but now he does it for a living.

His first installation of a state-of-the-art micro market was for a call center in Solon. Since then, he’s done other call center and heavy manufacturing plants. He’s even put in a cafeteria.

Installations generally take a single day, but preparations and planning can take a couple of weeks. He gets prefabricated kits, and considers how they should conform to the specs of that client. When he needs a certain part, “I still sometimes use my contacts from my tool and die days.”