Knowing our Customers is what we Do!

National Get to Know Your Customers Day is observed on the third Thursday of each quarter.  The Cuyahoga Group acknowledges these designated days because getting to know our customers reflects the history, mission and future growth of our company.

Our continued focus on taking care of our customer into this new decade is strongly rooted in our beginnings. In 1987, Jim Variglotti, Vietnam War veteran and founder and CEO of The Cuyahoga Group, transitioned from vending machine mechanic to vending machine owner, and quickly learned that the key to forging bonds of trust with customers was by getting to know the customer: understanding who they are, what they want, and understanding that delivering on quality products framed in excellent customer service are all critical elements in building customer trust and growing the company. 

Jim also understood that forging strong customer partnerships begins and ends with the highest level of customer service, framed by elements of quality products, mutual trust, respect, honesty—and always going the extra mile to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

From our route drivers, office associates, and culinary team, to our management and executive staff, these values run through all VendingMicro-MarketOffice Coffee, Mobile Dining and Catering services at The Cuyahoga Group.  

Customer Partnerships that begin with a Handshake 

Who are our customers? Starting with Jim’s first customer 31 years ago, The Cuyahoga Group has grown to include thousands of customers across three states.  We provide workplace culinary, beverage, mobile dining and catering services to companies large and small—from family-owned businesses to global corporations that span the spectrum of retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, recreation, financial and nonprofit organizations. 

Customization for a Diverse Clientele 

Our customers are as diverse as the industries we serve, which is why we regularly take the time to learn about what food and beverage options our customers want. Understanding customer needs through in-person visits, surveys, including our ‘Cookie for Your Thoughts’ program, helps us to tailor workplace VendingMicro-Market, Office Coffee and Mobile Dining services to suit the specific requests and tastes of each client—keeping them energized and hydrated, without the hassle or cost of leaving the workplace.    

Variety in food & beverage products—it’s what our customers want!  

At home and in the workplace, we’re more healthy-savvy than ever before, and The Cuyahoga Group strives to customize healthy workplace food and beverage options through our Healthy Line of products. Gluten-free, low-sodium, high protein, low-carb or organic—we’ve got it! 

Our VendingOffice Coffee and Micro-Markets services support wellness programs in the workplace through a variety of options—from fresh and healthy wraps, yogurt, natural cheese, salads, hummus and homemade soups and meals delivered daily, to popular brand items like Cliff® and Nature Valley® granola bars, Planters® Fruit and Nut options, to healthy hydration with Life Water®, Pure Leaf®, and Gold Peak® products—The Cuyahoga Group has the variety, convenience and taste that our customers want! 

Let us Get to Know Your Team: Contact us today! 

To contact The Cuyahoga Group about providing the best in culinary choices for your workplace, click here or call us at 800-901-8363. 


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