February Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Aaron Kozdron and Tanya Clark

Since February is the month of valentines, love and celebrating that special someone, we decided to Spotlight Cuyahoga Group couple Aaron Kozdron and Tanya Clark. Aaron has worked for The Cuyahoga Group for nearly fifteen years, while Tanya came onboard three years ago. Both Aaron and Tanya bring a strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal and customer communication skills to their roles. When away from work, their focus and commitment is to their five children. And they even manage to find time to volunteer in the community.  In their work life and personal life, Aaron and Tanya make a great team. Let’s get to know Aaron and Tanya a little better:  

What are your roles with The Cuyahoga Group? 

Aaron: I work out of the North Ridgeville branch as a route driver. I’ve also held the position of a route jumper. 

Tanya: I work at the North Ridgeville branch, in the money room. Prior to that, I worked in the Market Division for two years.   

How long have you both worked for the company?  

Aaron: I started in 2005, so fourteen years.  

Tanya:  I started in 2016 when I decided to go back to work full-time.  

What do you like most about your job, and why? 

Aaron: I enjoy not being confined to one area and being able to meet different people every day. 
Tanya: When I worked for Markets, I enjoyed working with different people at the Market accounts we have. Although now I stay inside at the branch office, I’m grateful to be staying warm indoors, especially considering the weather we’ve had this winter. It’s also nice to work with and get to know the drivers and supervisors.  

Tell us a fun fact, or facts, about yourself

Aaron and Tanya: We’ve been together for 13 years and have five children: Cheyeanne, Shelby, Robbie, Khloe and Abby. It’s crazy, hectic and so much fun.  
Tanya: Even though we both work full-time, the kids are our priority, and it keeps us super-busy. I volunteer with Girl Scouts for Abby and Khloe, we both help with Boy Scouts and Band for Robbie, and Choir and Color Guard for Shelby.  

Aaron: We also volunteer our time in the community whenever possible. I run a men’s basketball league at the Church of The Open Door, and Tanya is the President of the Band Boosters organization, and she’s also a Girl Scout troop leader.  In our spare time, we love concerts, and we’re big Cavs fans.  We’re season ticket holders, so between Cavs games and concerts, we spend a lot of time at the Q.  

What is your favorite food/favorite meal?  

Aaron: My favorite food is pizza. My favorite meal is steak with mushrooms and onions and potatoes.  
Tanya: My favorite food is chocolate ice cream with all the toppings. I’d say a perch dinner would be my favorite meal.  

What is your favorite band, singer or type of music?  

Aaron: My favorite music is country. 

Tanya: My favorite music is a little of everything.  Aaron and I enjoy going to concerts, everything from Kid Rock and Brad Paisley, to Tim McGraw. 

Please share with us a goal or goals that you’d like to accomplish someday

Aaron: My main goal is for my whole family to stay healthy and, to pay off the mortgage on our house 

Tanya: To return to college and finish my degree.  
Aaron and Tanya: As a couple, our goal is to raise our children to be strong, kind leaders and to never give up.   


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