Dear donut, we love you

Out of the way, chocolate chip cookie and your national holiday, because today is National Donut Day! Not that a popular cookie doesn’t deserve its own day, they’re amazing. It’s just that donuts have that certain extra-something, that flavor, texture and character—that is completely out of this world.  

No one in the world worships the sugary, velvety dough and variety of sweet fillings, icings and flavors of donuts like us Americans.  Which donut ranks as the number one favorite in the U.S? If you guessed the classic glazed donut, you’d be correct.  

The Cuyahoga Group is celebrating the occasion, because, well, who doesn’t love donuts, and all things baked and sugary sweet?  

Donuts & coffee, the perfect pairing for your work break!  

You’re at work, and it’s early morning, late afternoon, or two a.m. You have a steaming cup of freshly poured Cuyahoga Group Office Coffee, and all you need is one more thing to complete your break…something awesome and sweet—yes! A delectable donut or delicious pastry! We’ve got you covered! 

We bring the most coveted, tastiest and most popular brands of donuts and assorted pastries straight to your Cuyahoga Group vending units and markets. 

The history of the doughnut is magical yet complex  

The treasured donut has been around for eons, possibly dating back to prehistoric times.  Can you picture Neanderthals huddled near their caves, trading donut recipes? We can’t either, but it may have happened.  The true history of the humble donut is round, classic and complex, and in the end, it may be a box of donuts that inspires peace and love throughout the land.  This epic story is too fresh and delicious to summarize in one post, so if you’d like to learn more about the history of the donut, click here. 

The main takeaway?  Be good to your employees and for the love of humanity, contact the Cuyahoga Group to add year-round sweetness to your workplace—you’re employees will be glad you did!  

“Let a donut make a difference in your world” — Author Unknown  


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