To Our Cuyahoga Group Family – Especially in Erie, PA: BRAVO! YOU ARE THE BEST!

The Cuyahoga Group expresses our gratitude and appreciation to each and every Cuyahoga Group associate, for your grit and determination in getting the job done—in a safe, professional manner, despite the record-breaking snowfalls and subzero temperatures across the northeast these past couple of weeks!

Mother Nature seemed to take the classic Christmas lyric “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” literally, when nearly four feet of snow blanketed Erie, Pennsylvania on Christmas day—but she wasn’t done yet. By December 27th, a record-setting 62.9 inches of snow had blanketed the city!


We’d like to offer a special recognition to our Cuyahoga Group associates who live and work in the winter wonderland that is the City of Erie. Your positivity and determination to carry on after digging your way out of several feet of snow is inspiring, and we salute you!


The monumental snowfall in Erie is as beautiful as it is dangerous—and our drivers and associates went to great lengths to complete their routes whenever—and however possible, all the while maintaining safety-first practices.


Nothing is more important to us then the safety and well-being of our associates, and we applaud their efforts in always putting safety first. We are also grateful for the patience and understanding of our customers during these trying winter months.


Come rain, sleet, freezing temperatures—and record snowfalls, Cuyahoga Group drivers, warehouse associates, culinary associates and all of our support staff do their best to provide our customers with the nourishing food they need to fuel through these tough winter days—and we are so appreciative!


So today, we take this opportunity to tip our hats and say THANK YOU to our Cuyahoga Group family in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania—with a special shout-out to Erie! Thank you for your hard work and dedication—amid the ferocious winter fury that Mother Nature has wrought so far!

Be safe and be well in the New Year!