Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Yolanda Parker

Yolanda Parker, Staff Accountant at The Cuyahoga Grouphas been selected as our June Employee Spotlight. For the past 12 years, Yolanda has been an integral part of our team.  Her experience at The Cuyahoga Group spans Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll, and her wide array of operational knowledge brings efficiency and strength to our day-to-day operations. Moreover, her excellence in attention to detail, follow-up, unwavering work ethic and ability to create strong bonds with colleagues, continues to be an invaluable benefit to all of us at The Cuyahoga Group. We are grateful that Yolanda is part of our teamThank you  

What is your role with The Cuyahoga Group? 

Yolanda: I have been working at The Cuyahoga Group for twelve years.  I currently work in the Accounting Department as a Staff Accountant, and I previously worked as Payroll Specialist, and Human Resources Specialist.   

What do you like most about your job, and why?  

Yolanda: With my years of experience, being open to learn different roles has allowed me the opportunity to assist people in different capacities within the company.  In my early years, a franchise owner once told me, “Learning all aspects of a company shows you how to be a greater asset to that company.”   

Working with the day-to-day team provides me knowledge, vision, and offers me creative ways in making myself effective.  Self-improvement is one aspect I like about working at The Cuyahoga Group—the company provides opportunities to gain greater knowledge to accomplish goals that anyone wants to reach.   

Tell us a fun fact, or facts, about yourself

YolandaI love shoes. I dream about having a shoe closet like Goldie Hawn had in the movie Overboard

What is your favorite food or favorite meal?  

Yolanda: I don’t have a favorite food, but I really don’t like soup.  

What is your favorite type of music; or favorite band or singer?  
Yolanda: My favorite type of music is gospel music, because it brings me serenity and peace. 

Please share with us a goal you’d like to accomplish someday: 
Yolanda: I’m currently accomplishing my goals by earning my master’s degree and getting my son ready for the next stage of his life. 

Yolanda, thank you, for participating in The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight and Congratulations! 


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