Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight: Ken Hrabnicky  

Cuyahoga Group Team Member Ken Hrabnicky has been selected as our February 2020  Employee Spotlight.

For the past 22 years, Ken’s contribution and service  to The Cuyahoga Group has spanned all levels of operations, including MarketsVending and OCS (Office Coffee Services). Ken learned the intricacies of the vending industry from the ground up, beginning with his first role as part-time Warehouse employee while he was still in school.  He was then promoted to RouteDelivery Driver, then Route Supervisor. His promotion to Branch Manager soon followed, and last year, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations. Ken’s dedication and service to The Cuyahoga Group is defined by a strong work ethic, willingness to learn and grow with the company, ability to lead others and help team members whenever needed, and his consistent willingness to always go above and beyond the call of duty.  Congratulations to Ken Hrabnicky on his 22 years with The Cuyahoga Group!We are grateful that you are part of our team!  

What is your current role with The Cuyahoga Group, and what past roles have you held? 
Ken:I have been with TCG for 22 years—my current role is VP of Operations.  Jim Variglotti (founder and CEO of The Cuyahoga Group) hired me 22 years to work part-time in the warehouse, while I attended school.  Over the past two decades, I’ve worked in many different company divisions and locations. After about a year of working in the warehouse where I pulled route driver orders in the afternoon, I started working as a Route Driver. After that, I became a Route Supervisor for a couple of years.  From there, Jim promoted me to Branch Manager in Wooster.  At that time, I met Jerry Ritch, (Customer Service Manager) who became a true mentor and really took the time to teach me the industry.  After Wooster, I became the Branch Manager in Mansfield, then North Ridgeville.   

What do you like most about your job, and why?   

Ken: I love the people I work with every day! Our employees make it easy to come to work every day, and the top-notch service they provide to our customers is very rewarding.  The Variglotti family has been great to me. They have given me the opportunity to advance my career and pushed me to become the best I can be.  

Tell us a fun fact, or facts, about yourself:  
Ken: I like being outdoors in the summer, playing golf, spending time on Lake Erie.  I would like to set aside more time for fishing this summer. 

What is your favorite kind of food or meal?   
Ken:Chicken Paprikash is my favorite. My mom makes it every year for my birthday. 

What kind of music do you like? Do you have a favorite band or singer?   
Ken: I don’t have a favorite, I love all music and I’ll listen to anything. I’d like to attend more concerts with my wife. 

What is your favorite movie, TV show or book? 
Ken:  It’s tough to designate a favorite movie. I’d include any of the Jason Bourne movies, and I always watch Shawshank Redemption when it’s on.  

Please share with us a goal you’d like to accomplish someday: 
Ken: Travel more: I’d like to see the Northern Lights, travel to Hawaii, and try skiing in Colorado. 

Thank YouKenfor participating in The Cuyahoga Group Employee Spotlight,and  thankyou for your 22 years of service and dedication! 


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