Cuyahoga Group celebrates National Vending Day

Quality and convenience are the names of the vending industry game. Whether on the road or at work, vending machines and onsite markets exist to keep us fueled and energized.  

As a premier VendingMarket and Office Coffee Services company, The Cuyahoga Group celebrates National Vending Day on March 5, designated by NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association).  

Upward Growth for Vending and Markets 

The work week is usually super busy, and we’re always looking to make the best use of our time, so when we need to recharge, we need fast, affordable access to quality options. A cup of fresh coffee, nourishing sandwich wrap, crisp salad, protein pack snack or nutrient drink are must-haves at work—and The Cuyahoga Group delivers it all, just down the hall in your breakroom! 

Commitment to wellness & sustainability! 

The Cuyahoga Group offers the latest in premier brand, better-for-you options, along with traditional snack and beverage favorites that your employees know and love.  

We also customize our offerings to suit the culinary needs of your team, while supporting your workplace wellness programs and sustainability initiatives.  

Our handshake is our promise! 

31 years ago, Jim Variglotti, U.S. Veteran and founder and CEO of The Cuyahoga Group, started the company with one vending machine, a handshake and a cup of coffee. Since then, The Cuyahoga Group’s core values haven’t changed—our handshake is our promise, and customer service is the foundation of our company. 

Keep your team happy and productive—Call us today! 

Spring is just weeks away—the perfect time to bring a new energy with quality culinary and beverage options to your workplace!  The Cuyahoga Group is here to help you do just that—by providing your team with the very best in VendingMicro-MarketMobile Dining, Office Coffee and Catering Services.  

To contact us, click here or call us at 800-901-8363.   


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