The “Beet” goes on in the New Year! Happy and Healthy from The Cuyahoga Group!

Like all of us, The Cuyahoga Group heralds the arrival of 2018. We join with everyone in welcoming the brand-new year with new resolutions framed by our dreams, wishes and goals that we hope to attain throughout the year.

What have you resolved this year? Whether it’s paying off a debt, quitting those cigs for good, mending a strained relationship, exploring a new career, adopting another furry friend, losing weight, working out, or travelling to Iceland (the latest trending destination), most of us have already declared a resolution or two out loud, or at least, have declared them in our thoughts.

Renewal in any form is a good thing, and what better time to embark on a new personal journey than at the beginning of a new year?

As with any goal, follow-through and commitment are key. We’ve all made resolutions on January 1st that have faded with the melting snow by March. And every year, the most common resolution that we seem to make for ourselves is to leave unhealthy habits in the dust of the old year, and to practice healthier living in the new one.


Our Focus on Wellness

To help our customers maintain their healthier lifestyle goals, The Cuyahoga Group, continues to focus on providing nutritional food, snack and beverage options across our lines of snack and fresh food vending and Grab and Go Markets, all inspired by you—our customers.

Taste, crunch and nutrition! Beets are the new potato!

This year, to build upon our line of nutritious, healthy food options, our inspiration has led us to a crunchy, tasty little snack that incorporates flavor, lush color and packs a nutritional punch—enter Beet Chips! As tasty as they are pretty, beet chips offer a satisfying treat while maintaining healthy eating habit goals.

While you’re at work and the afternoon hungries roll around—instead of reaching for that bag of potato chips, give our Beet Chips a try! These chips will satisfy the snack craving without the guilt!


Your Feedback inspires us! Let us know!

At The Cuyahoga Group, our customers are family—we value your partnership and especially, we value your comments, thoughts and feedback.

Let us know how we can support your nutritional goals by contacting us, any time, by phone: 1-800-901-8363; or via email by simply clicking here.

Let’s all resolve to follow the “beet” of a healthier drummer in the New Year! 😉