Choice_Plus_LogoFood  included in our Choice Plus initiative contains: fewer than 250 calories; fewer than 10g of total fat, except for unsalted nuts, soy nuts and seeds; fewer than 3g saturated fat; zero grams trans fat; fewer than 20 grams of sugar, except for unsweetened dried fruit; and fewer than 230mg of sodium.

criteriaChoice Plus consumers can accesses nutritional information for food products in a variety of ways: Choice-Plus fresh food items feature easy-to-identify yellow labels. Traditional vending machine patrons may identify the Choice Plus options by the bright green “pushers” that vend the healthier snacks.

We feature our Better-for-You program from our culinary center. Many of these products are handmade in our North Ridgeville Culinary Center. All Better-for-You items contain 350 calories or fewer, less than 11.5 grams of fat (or fewer than 3 percent calories from fat) and less sodium than traditional items. They include products such as celery and peanut butter combos; fresh fruit; pita and hummus or yogurt.