Our vending machines carry name-brand cold beverages, juice, coffee, tea and snack products. We also stock machines with fresh, healthy food that is prepared daily by our skilled staff at our Culinary Center in North Ridgeville, Ohio.


vendingThe Cuyahoga Group vending machines are reliable, state of the art and stylish. They dispense fresh food, hot and cold beverages and snacks. Clients can choose from traditional looks – including glass fronts or branded fronts (i.e. a beverage machine with a giant Pepsi bottle on the front face) – or Clients can design their own custom fronts to match inside décor or outside spaces.

Now, more than ever, companies realize the importance of conserving our planet’s natural resources. To help our clients achieve their environmental goals, all of our machines use energy-efficient LED lighting. This innovative feature helps them reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. Additionally, we offer Certified Energy Saver vending machines for cold beverages, which also help reduce energy costs.

Service & Programs

The Cuyahoga Group’s many programs provide customers with the opportunity to choose the most appropriate, desired and/or healthy foods and beverages in their vending machines. Our registered dietitians will gladly meet with customers or their staff to discuss healthy eating options and lifestyles.


IMG_3993As part of our vending services, we generate customized reports for our customers to illustrate which products and vending-machine locations are most popular. The Cuyahoga Group can track product from the warehouse, to the route driver and to the customer. With this information, they can choose the foods, beverages, coffees and snacks that their employees and/or patrons like best