On-Site Dining


on-site-dining-1The Cuyahoga Group has the staff, resources and culinary expertise to successfully manage your on-site dining services operation. Menu items that are tailored to your customers’ preferences and served with a friendly smile are the cornerstones of our program.

The Cuyahoga Group can offer various service stations, based on our customers’ preferences.  Some of the most popular service stations are:

  • The Ohio Style Deli
  • The Soup Site
  • Grill Sensations
  • Salabrations (Salad Bar)
  • The Healthy Event
  • On the Go (Grab and Go)


The Cuyahoga Group is transparent in their financial reporting. Each month the Cuyahoga Group provides a financial operating statement to their Clients for their review and approval. The actual financial performance is compared to year-over-year performance.

Operational successes as well as areas for improvement are collaboratively discussed on a regularly scheduled basis.

Sustainability Projects

The Cuyahoga Group encourages sustainability and greening projects in our cafes. Every month a local fruit or vegetable is promoted through the “Eat Local” program. Napkins that are made from recyclable materials are used in our dining locations. Biodegradable disposables are encouraged in locations where these products are in accordance with the Client’s financial objectives.

The Cuyahoga Group looks forward to being of service to you! Call us at 1.800.901.8363 or email us at info@cuygroup.com