About Us

Our Story

Cuyahoga-Group-mapMore than 25 years ago, Jim Variglotti founded The Cuyahoga Group as Cuyahoga Vending. He started small with a few clients and the mindset that a good businessperson should always take care of the customer. His commitment to excellent service paid off. It gave him the opportunity to grow his company and teach his children, Vince and Carla, the importance of following through on their word. Twenty years later, Vince and Carla, now adults, follow in their father’s footsteps at The Cuyahoga Group. They never lose sight of the biggest business lesson their father taught them – to always put the customer first. We are proud to be a family business serving our clients.

Franklin Services, based in Groveport, Ohio, is a division of the Cuyahoga Group, a Canteen Corporation franchise headquartered in Maple Heights, Ohio. The two entities, though operating under different names, act as one company.

The Cuyahoga Group is a franchise of a Canteen. Our company provides its clients with knowledgeable, accessible, local contacts and access to quality, national-level resources. The Cuyahoga Group is a Canteen Vending franchisee. Through this association, we are able to provide our clients:


  • Competitive pricing due to volume purchasing strength
  • Nationally known branded products
  • Current market trends
  • New food products
  • New equipment designs
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional activities
  • Benchmark information for evaluating methods and practices